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"Right now Baltimore City is at a tipping point, soon to reach the point of no return. Crime is up, education is down and jobs are gone. If you fix education you fix the city. If you fix education desperation decreases, hope returns, and crime goes down. Fix education and people start to move back, stay and grow our city. Fix education businesses, jobs and opportunities return. 


We started the conversation on education in the last election cycle We are asked nicely but that didn't work so now we are making our demands clear. We can no longer allow those appointed or elected to continue to hold the children of Baltimore City hostage. 


Please join us in this fight for quality public education and good stewardship of resources to improve academic outcomes for all of our children."   Pastor Shannon Wright

Currently we are signing up people to help with future upcoming events. We are also needing to hear from more parents and grandparents who want to Take Back Our Schools!

If you're interested in being heard AND being informed - click the photo below and let us know your thoughts on Baltimore City Public Schools!

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